Maintain an Ecologically Focused Environment


The aquatic and terrestrial organisms in and around your pond, lake, or river will eventually reach a point of homeostasis. However, that doesn't mean bacteria or plants can't cause issues with you water quality. Our qualified aquatic biologists will start by testing your water to determine the cause of the issue. Whether it be nutrient loading from pollution or invasive species. Ecolake will find a solution best fit for your waterway. After a determining factor is found, one of our qualified aquatic biologists will implement a proven water treatment program that will benefit both you and the wildlife in the area. From recreational waterways to habitat oases Ecolake treats and maintains all important water ways.

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Is your waterway contaminated with bacteria?

A multitude of things can contaminate your waterway, from nearby pollution, runoff, to invasive plants. If your water is looking murky, foamy, or discolored, you might have an issue with your water quality. A contaminated waterway can produce foul odors, fish kills, and is unpleasant to look at. Our goal is to fix these unwanted issues and provide you with a waterway that you are happy with.

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