Maintain a Friendly Environment for All

Get routine water quality testing and treatment

The water and wildlife in and around your pond, lake or river will eventually reach a point of homeostasis, allowing it to thrive on its own in every weather condition. But that doesn't mean fungi or plants can't cause issues with your water quality.

Maintain a clean environment for wildlife and recreation with routine water quality testing. Ecolake offers professional testing and treatment services to keep the pH in your water in a safe and hospitable environment.

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Is your waterway contaminated with fungi?

A lot of things can contaminate your waterway, from nearby land pollution to invasive plants. If your water is looking murky, foamy or discolored, you might have an issue with your water quality.

Let our biologists come to take a look and provide you with safe, chemical-free water treatment solutions that can restore the quality of your pond, lake or river. Call now to schedule a consultation, and get a thorough water quality report.