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I hired Brandon with EcoLake to treat my two-acre pond here in Eagle, Idaho starting
the middle of the summer 2017. I have been fighting algae and marine plants (weeds)
for several years myself, to no avail. I've tried bacteria, herbicides and algicide myself,
but have had very little to no success knocking back the aggressive growth. The pond
was more of an embarrassment than an amenity until Brandon came along.
Brandon's treatments were not cheap, but they gradually took control of the growth.
And after a couple months of treatments, the pond was inviting to swim in again. And
we could fish from the bank without getting tangled in water weeds every cast. I've had
many guests comment on how good the pond looks now. The treatments have been
well worth the cost.
I highly recommend EcoLake and Brandon's services to anyone wanting a cleaner

Paul Johnson

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We have worked with Brandon Watson from Ecolake for almost 2 years. Our 4 acre lake was
suffering from a number of issues. Brandon throughly analyzed the lake using sophisticated
mapping tools, testing water samples, examining the shoreline and under the surface, and
working closely with the us to determine a plan of action. His reports were very thorough and
educational. He took the time to explain the issues, as well as, the solutions.
He recommended and installed only high quality aeration equipment and supply manufacturers
with proven track records and solid warranties. He was sensitive to the customers needs and put
together a comprehensive plan to restore the lake to its original beauty.
His background and experience really shows through his work. The ecology and environment of
the lake has thrived. We have seen a real reduction of muck at the bottom of the lake. With the
clarity restored, we have seen areas of the lake bottom we have not seen in a long time. Plants
and fish are thriving.
We really appreciate the work and attention to detail Brandon has provided.

Bob Coleman

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I wanted to write a short letter of recommendation for Brandon Watson's knowledge of
Pond's and the whole interconnectedness of the ecosystems involved.
I am a Board Member of the Mace River Ranch Home Owner's Association. I am also
in charge of all the 11 ponds connected with our five phase subdivision. Well over 200
homes. I rely heavily on Brandon's pond expertise. He is quite capable of
diagnosing any and all problems associated with the health of our ponds.
His expertise extends into pond aerators and diffusers to help maintain the proper levels
of oxygenation that supports the ponds entire ecosystem; while at the same time,
keeping the blue green algae and other problems at bay. When there are issues
associated with a pond(s), Brandon has worked with us to solve our problems in a very
cost-efficient manner. As board members who have the financial wellbeing of the HOA
on our minds constantly; we appreciate that. I like the fact that he uses a minimum of
chemicals but has a well-balanced treatment program that, combined with regularly
scheduled pond cleanings, works real well for both of us.
I look forward to working with Brandon on future projects that are coming up. I
recommend him highly.
If you would like to talk with me or have any future questions, please feel free call me.

Hal Nickle

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Brandon Watson of Ecolake. I met
Brandon after he contacted me regarding the maintenance and wellbeing of the two ponds I
have on my property. The ponds are of good size, 5 acres total, and are stocked with several
species of fish (Bass, Trout, and Bluegill). Both ponds had developed an unhealthy ecosystem
and a huge algae problem. I was employing a pond maintenance company at the time and the
ponds were getting much worse. Basically, they would come and dump chemicals in and charge
me a large fee, never explaining the problem or a concise plan to manage it. Needless to say I
was wary of another maintenance person approaching me. But, glad to say it was a totally
different experience with Brandon....he was much more informative, did tests and mappings of
my ponds to accurately determine a plan to get my ponds back into a healthy balance. He did
what he said he would do and was out here often working. Within days the ponds began to
respond, the bad algae virtually disappeared, and the water clarity was much better. He was
very fastidious and knowledgeable in his work. All of which, made me very happy because my
ponds were beautiful and healthy, and I was getting what I paid for.
I look forward to working with him again this year.

Lori Barnes Girdner

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
After several seasons of unsuccessful attempts to control the algae in our ponds, we decided to
try a different vendor. I was totally impressed by the professionalism of Brandon, and the
results were beyond my expectations. I had never seen the ponds as clear as when they were
being taken care of by Brandon.
I would not hesitate to recommend Brandon and his service to anyone. He was timely, polite,
and careful with his applications in regards to the environment.

Christopher Gray

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
He does a good job.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The owner is very thorough in the development of a schematic. We have yet to see the pond to be built due to the harsh winter in Idaho. We will keep you posted.

Don H.

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