Proper Management for Your Private Lakes

Hire a aquatic biologist to manage your aquatic life

Many farms and hunting prairies in the Midwest have natural ponds or lakes to help attract wildlife. But just like a swimming pool, these natural water features still need to be maintained and managed.

Let Ecolake based in Boise, ID take care of your aquatic flora with professional lake management services. From shoreline erosion control to water testing and species control, we'll make sure your pond or lake is a safe and functional part of your landscape.

Improve the quality of your waterway

Idaho is known for scenic lakes and ponds that offer tons of enjoyment for hunters, fishers and explorers alike. Whether you own a private fishing lake or manage a state park with natural aquatic life, partner with a waterway management company that can keep your aquatic habitat in top condition.

EcoLake is dedicated to improving:

Water Quality

We offer full testing and water improvement services for safety and enjoyment.

Aquatic Aesthetic

Partner with us to create scenic waterfalls or prevent erosion around the habitats of your aquatic life.

Eco Enjoyment

We provide invasive species control services to keep a happy harmony in and around your pond.

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Join our mission

Water is the difference between desert and oasis. Especially in the high mountain deserts of Idaho. Thank you for trusting us to keep your waterways clean, safe and hospitable to local wildlife. Our biologists have dedicated their careers to preserving the natural landscapes around our beautiful state. We'll be happy to work with you to continue to ensure the safety of our land, water and animals.

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