Don't Let Invasive Plants Take Over Your Pond

Rely on us to control weeds and plants around your waterways

Certain invasive plants are known to overtake ponds and lakes around the Midwest, causing issues with water quality and animal life in your waterways. If you notice excess fungi or dead fish, you might have an issue with invasive plants growing in your pond.

Let Ecolake take a look at your lake or pond and provide necessary plant control services to get your water back in quality condition. Contact us today to learn more.

Get rid of dangerous plant life

There are certain types of wildlife that you just don't want around your pond or lake, even if they are natural to that habitat. Animals that could harm the land or other animals need to be removed.

Ecolake can handle species such as:

  • Yellow floating heart
  • Feathered mosquito fern
  • Water hyacinth

Contact us today, and we'll take back control of your pond or lake.

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