Don't Let Undesirable Plants Take Over Your Pond


Certain undesirable and/or invasive plants are known to overtake ponds and lakes throughout the United States, causing issues with water quality and aquatic/terrestrial life in your waterways. If you notice a concerning influx of bacteria, decreased quality of water, and/or dead fish. You may have undesirable vegetation competing for nutrients. Our qualified aquatic biologists will work with you to devise a proven and unique plan to help reach waterway homeostasis. This process will not only benefit you but will aide in healthier waterway for aquatic and terrestrial species.

Let Ecolake take a look at your lake or pond and provide necessary aquatic plant management services to get your water back in safe-quality condition. Contact us today to learn more.

Get rid of undesirable plant life

The presence of undesirable and/or invasive plant life can ruin the overall aesthetic value of your waterway, impede on aquatic organisms’ survival, and limit wildlife presence. Certain types of aquatic vegetation grow in a dense manner ultimately blocking out sunlight creating an aquatic ecosystem that can no longer support fish or desired plant species. Obstruction of water flow and the lack of a healthy food web are major contributors of riparian species degradation. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, contact Ecolake for a consultation.

Ecolake's aquatic plant management specialists can handle species such as:

  • Eurasian Milfoil
  • Yellow floating hearts
  • Feathered mosquito ferns
  • Water hyacinth
  • Parrot Feather